Play Game Online distinguishes itself as one of the fastest paced IO games available. The game is based on you, the player, navigating your jet across a densely packed airspace. While this sounds relatively easy on the surface, there are many obstacles attempting to derail you.
For one, the competition is fierce. Other players will shoot at you, and attempt to kill you through various forms of ammunition, as you make your way across the sky. You’re also prone to colliding with other players, and essentially committing suicide by simply moving at a reasonable pace. You're particularly liable to do this if you’re reaching for the power ups- which we’ll discuss in detail below.
As a whole, is a very exciting game with plenty of opportunities for you to progress. If you’re looking for tips, which we touch on below, then there are ample strategies for you to explore. Like most .io games, is highly addictive, and guaranteed to consume an unhealthy amount of your time. Controls

The controls used for are relatively simple to understand. To navigate, you use the arrows or mouse on your laptop to move; you can also use your finger to navigate on Android devices. To fire, you hold and right click (or tap). You can also press the space bar to release ammunition.
The aim of the game is equally as simple. You want to survive enemy attacks, and sufficiently destroy others, with the intention of moving up the leader board and placing yourself firmly at the top.

Tips, Hacks & Strategy

One of the best things about is that you play strategically, in the interest of furthering yourself as much as possible. Our top three tips for are:
Choose your weapons wisely:
In, as you move up the ranks, you’re given the option to choose your weapons. Your main sources of ammunition are a rail gun, a flak cannon and missiles.
The rail gun is an excellent option for those looking for accuracy. You can accurately shoot your opponent from a distance, and this is a great weapon to play with when approaching the game defensively.
The flak cannon, on the other hand, creates a large impact at virtually any range. This is the best option for those looking to kill a number of opponents at once.
The missiles are perhaps the least effective source of ammunition. They create a lot of confusion, which can be difficult to navigate, and are best left to more experienced players.
Vary you gameplay tactic:
In, you can opt to play defensively or on the attack. Playing defensively entails you avoiding attacking players as much as possible, and using larger ammunition (such as the flak cannon) to distract them if they near you.
Playing on the attack, however, involves you actively pursuing your opponents and using all your weapons as effectively as possible.